Schulung und Video

Training & Learning are important values for us. For this reason, we have dedicated a digital area on where we can offer you videos and webinars made with the latest multimedia technologies and created by our technical experts.

Corporate videos

Quality and innovation since 1986: find out what we have created in this period

30 years of Techno history

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Innovation Lab

Discover our new laboratory: an area dedicated to product testing and innovation development

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Product videos

TH386 quick coupling panel connector

Discover the quick coupling plug and socket connector on flat and circular panels

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TH370 insulation displacement branch connector

Discover the plug and socket connector with insulation displacement for quick branches (IP68)

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Project references

TH387 for application in the marine area

Discover the TH387 plug and socket connector and its resistance to salty environment

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TH384 for the seaside resort in Tuscany

Discover the TH384 plug and socket connector for the connection of lighting equipment in a marine environment

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E-learning and webinars

IoTH new smart connectors

Discover the evolution of the Techno range of connectors with the use of IoT communication components

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New rapid connectors for error-free installation

Discover the TH389 plug and socket connector with spring terminals and quick couplings

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Team and Life at Techno

Christmas 2021

A moment of leisure and "research" for our team during the Christmas party

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