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Two mechanical codings, zero errors

The TH381 micron.nect® family is extended: the standard versions of 2 and 3 poles are accompanied by a new version particularly suitable for low voltage DC (Direct Current)




To meet the growing demand for versatile and high-performance solutions which cross various application sectors, Techno presents two new codings versions of TH381 micron.nect®.

The new products are characterised different mechanical keys (codings), which allows installation errors to be avoided. These new plug-socket connectors have a particular design shape near the coupling between male and female (plug and socket), which allows coupling only between components with the same coding.

For example, a TH381coding 1 plug cannot be coupled to a TH381coding 2 socket, and vice versa. This expedient allows installers to perform orderly wiring, to avoid exchanges between connectors intended for different applications and circuits and to identify the respective powered circuits at a glance.



Recommended application areas

The ideal location for these micro-connectors is in low-voltage direct current, in lighting and industrial automation.

In lighting systems, for example, connectors differentiated by coding help to easily distinguish the circuit dedicated to the main lamps from that for the emergency lamps or dimmable lamps.

In the automation field, the coding makes it possible to exclude upstream the possibility of exchanges between the connectors assigned to signal circuits and those assigned to power circuits, or between signal connectors intended for two different applications: all events which are capable of compromising the functionality of machines and systems.


Green or white?

The respective 2 codings are identifiable by colour. The coding 1 connectors have a green seal and terminals marked L, N, PE, which is white with terminals marked 1, 2, 3 in the coding 2 connectors.

The installer can assign them, at their discretion, on any type of application during the wiring phase.




Performance and quality

The new TH381 micron.nect® connectors are available in cable and panel versions, with a wide range of accessories which allow them to satisfy any installation requirement.

They are approved in AC for 10A and 500V, in DC for 10A and 12-60V.




Fast wiring in the field

Thanks to the screw terminal blocks, even the new TH381 micron.nect® with 2 codings can be installed directly in the field, with rigid and flexible cables with a section from 0.25 mm² to 1.0 mm², for greater flexibility of use than that of the pre-wired connectors with cable.

The Easy-Click quick connection and disconnection system, which is faster than systems with screw or bayonet coupling, reduces installation and maintenance times also determining the high mechanical strength of the fixing between the socket connector and the plug connector.





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