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The current TH625 distributors contribute to a platform of branch distribution solutions that will be enriched with further innovations over the course of the year, designed to manage power and signal applications in every field, from electrical to IoT-sensor technology.


To facilitate the creation of parallel shunts, Techno has developed the new TH625 current distributors, whose compact size and construction make them suitable for all types of signal and power installations. These distributors are combined with the TH381 micro-connectors, which, thanks to their external diameter of only 14 mm, can be installed in extremely small spaces.  



The TH625 family offers 2- or 3-pole solutions and is characterised by its colour variants: green identifies distributors for power applications, white those suitable for signal applications. The first version is an ‘H’ type 4-way distributor with 1 input and 3 outputs, which will soon be followed by a ‘Y’ type 3-way distributor with 1 input and 2 outputs.

In order to support different applications and requirements, Techno will make them available both as single components and in ready-to-use kits, complete with socket and plug, for 2-and 3-outlet configuration (Y and H) and with an accessory for quick fixing.

Other configurations will be launched later in the year: a version with on-board signalling LEDs, suitable for specialist applications; a version equipped with an electronic board for IoT applications, type 'H' also and 'Y', for parallel connection in its standard configuration and for series connection, on request.  All product variants will be marked with specific codes.




TH625 current distributors suitable for power systems can be easily distinguished from those designed for signal systems by their colour. The green version is used in installations requiring 10A and 500V AC. The white version, on the other hand, identifies distributors to be used in DC systems, in low voltage, in lighting (DALI, DMX) and building automation (KNX) applications, as well as in the industrial field, when the need arises to transfer the signal via a bipolar or bipolar plus shield cable.  They support a rated current of 10A e 12V-60V DC. They can be used with cable cross-sections between 0.25 mm2 e 1 mm2.




The TH625 family, combined with the TH381 connector, was born IEC certified for Europe. During 2021, it will obtain IMQ certification. For the US and Canadian markets, a 2-pole version has been developed, also approved to IEC 61535 standard, for power applications only (green), which will obtain UL/CSA certification towards the end of the year.  




In mid-2021, the Techno family of current distributors will be enriched by the TH629 series, which borrows the general characteristics of the TH625 and is compatible with TH389 4- and 5-pole connectors. This will complete a platform that allows you to choose the most suitable solution according to the type of connection (signal or power) and application: basic, specialist (with electronics) and IoT sensor technology.



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