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Installation error-proof connectors


Plug and Socket pair installation in just 30 seconds.


Suitable for all operating conditions, easy to wire, and resistant to accidental disconnection. These are Techno's TH389 connectors, certified for installation in heavy-duty applications rated IP66, IP68 and IP69K. Available in 4- and 5-pole, flying and M20 panel versions, they are certified up to 17.5 A and 500 V in alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). Their compactness makes them a valid alternative to products with the same power but larger dimensions. 



The main feature of this new family of connectors is its extreme practicality made possible by the Easy-Click (push-pull) quick connection and disconnection system, which is the fastest way to connect and disconnect connectors compared to other screw or bayonet-type systems.

Simply insert the plug into the socket until the end stop is reached – the click of a special hook tooth, certified to withstand pull-out forces of up to 25 kg, not only ensures the union of the two components, but also the extreme tightness of the connection, eliminating the risk of accidental disconnection. A simple press of the finger is all that's needed to connect a USB cable or a jack connector.





Similarly, the Easy-Click system facilitates disconnection, while preventing this from happening accidentally. The breaking load of the TH389, i.e. its ability to withstand a tensile stress, is certified up to 25 kg: a parameter well beyond the EN 61535 standard for installation connectors, which sets the standard breaking load threshold at 8 kg. In fact, disconnection is only possible by manually pressing the release button (EN 61984).




Just as easy is the system for attaching the cable gland, which is no longer based on screw fastening but on a mechanical bayonet hook combined with a safety locking slider. A slight rotation of the cable gland and movement of the slider into the safety position guarantees correct installation, eliminating the possibility of loosening caused by vibration or incorrect installation. Opening of the safety slider and removal of the cable gland is only possible by using a common tool.




The TH389 connectors can be used with 4/5-pole cables with cross-sections ranging from 0.25 mm2 to 1.5 mm2. The conductor wiring system is available in two versions: screw and screw-less (tool-free). The latter is characterised by an approved and patented spring system that can accept copper conductors with a maximum section of 1.5 mm2, both flexible and rigid. In just a few steps, the conductors are connected to the terminals:

a) a sufficient amount of sheathing is removed from the conductor to allow complete entry into the terminal;

b) the conductors are inserted into the terminals;

c) the special locking levers are pressed;

d) the wiring operations are completed.  

The pair of plug and socket connectors in the screw-less versions are installed in just 30 seconds.





Compared to screw and bayonet connection systems, the Easy-Click system of the TH389 family significantly reduces installation and maintenance times, facilitating work in confined spaces and in conditions of poor visibility. In particular, the TH389 family is ideally suited to industrial automation, quick connection of equipment subject to adverse conditions, sensor technology, lighting, machine control units, pumps, motors and similar applications. In addition, the IP66-certified resistance to pressurised water jets makes them suitable for wiring IP66-certified lighting fixtures. The connector is also approved for IP68 permanent immersion (30m/3h) and resistant to high-pressure water jets at 80°C (IP69K).




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