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Increasingly reliable over time with Silicone accessories

The problems caused by changing weather conditions and wiring of dubious quality, can be solved with appropriate accessories, such as rubber cable sealing parts made of silicone rubber

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6000469OT for TH381 connectors

6000468OT for TH381 connectors

6040018OT for TH387 and TH405 connectors

6DB0008OT for TH387 and TH405 connectors




Techno pays particular attention to the selection of materials. The ability not to deteriorate over time, to resist external agents and to adapt them to different applications, as well as the possibility of using them in large-scale productions to optimise production costs and obtain economically competitive products, are just some of the requirements.

Among the materials which fully meet these requirements is silicone (LSR), an elastomer composed of silicone (polymer) containing silicon, along with other molecules such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.


One material, many advantages

Numerous studies show that silicone resists the most adverse environmental conditions, normal ageing and deterioration. When exposed to extreme heat or cold, sterilisation processes, chemicals, salt spray, ultraviolet radiation, ozone, acid rain and adverse weather conditions, silicone rubber delivers a performance which lives up to expectations.

Other qualities are resistance to weak and alkaline acids, chemical resistance to different types of detergents and solvents, easy washing and sterilisation and the possibility of vulcanising them to obtain objects with a defined shape.



Wide-ranging applications

Silicone is widely used in various sectors: medical, outdoor, automotive, food & beverage, aerospace, transport, electronics and construction.

To support the offer of high-performance connectors, Techno has dedicated a special silicone injection moulding line, where sealing grommets for cables are produced: these accessories allow some problems which frequently occur in wiring to be solved


Capacity to adapt

As the humidity and temperature conditions in the environment vary, the coatings of many cables tend to change their size: a silicone rubber seal, inserted in a cable gland, adapts its shape by compensating for these variations, thus improving the performance of the connection in terms of impermeability to water and dust.

This happens for the extreme flexibility of the silicone rubber, for the resistance to harsh environmental conditions and to compression over wide temperature ranges (from -55°C up to 300°C), as well as for the good elastic recovery, which improves the performance in terms of impermeability to water and dust (IP66, IP68, IP69K).



Other recurring problems

The silicone grommets are also useful in all cases where there is doubt as to the quality of the cable, as well as for underground installations, where the cable and connector are subjected to greater mechanical bending stress.

Therefore, the selection of materials takes place according to the objectives to be achieved, the problems to be solved, the quality requirements which each product aims to guarantee, as well as the other components of the system and the correct installation aspects.

Techno constantly invests in the search for solutions to the above requirements, for a total quality of its products.


LEARN MORE >>> click on the following part numbers

6000469OT for TH381 connectors

6000468OT for TH381 connectors

6040018OT for TH387 and TH405 connectors

6DB0008OT for TH387 and TH405 connectors

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