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Connectors error- and tamper-proof

From today the TH381 and TH387 series is also available in overmoulded version with cable. By incorporating cable and connector, they solve various problems and ensure consistent performance over time.


Industrial automation applications, the lighting installation industry, and other applications often require cables which can withstand repeated bending and disconnection.

Techno responds to these needs with connectors and overmoulded cables, which are joined by a glue which is overmoulded on the connector and on the cable through a specific vertical injection process, ensuring the chemical and mechanical fusion between the cable and the connector.

In particular, the material used consists of special sealing resins and Hot Melt polyamides, whose characteristics of resistance to UV rays, adverse weather conditions and durability over time ensure compliance with the high quality standards of the products offered by Techno. The result is therefore a single piece, without additional gaskets or cable glands.





The available solutions

The pre-wired versions without overmoulding of the TH381 and TH387 connectors, already available on request, are joined by the new versions, from 2, 3 and 5 poles in which the cable is overmolded instead of assembled to the connector, always with the IP66/IP68/IP69K protection guarantee.

The new range of connectors are supplied with neoprene cables (H05 and H07) with lengths of 0.5m, 1m, 2m and 5m, and conductor sections of 0.75 mm2, 1 mm2 and 1.5 mm2.




Robust and long-lasting

Overmoulding of the cable and the connector prevents installation errors, accidental disconnections and tampering attempts. Furthermore, it protects the internal components, strengthens the protective qualities even in harsh conditions, solving a problem which is rather widespread at the root: the variation of the dimensions of the external insulation of the cables, based on the environmental humidity and temperature conditions.

The overmoulded material is able to compensate for these variations, adapting perfectly to the cable and connector, ensuring constant performance and electrical continuity, in addition to the guarantee of impermeability to water and dust (IP68).

Additional advantages of overmoulding are:

  • Greater flexibility in the connection point between the cable and the connector, which is the weak point of the system
  • Protection against potential damage to the terminals during handling and coupling
  • Resistance to abrasion and shocks
  • Strain relief and reduced mechanical stress on cables and terminals




Standard applications, custom solutions

The connectors with overmoulded cables are suitable for lighting, as they allow the quick connection of preconfigured systems such as floodlights, linear lighting bars and underfloor lighting systems.

They are also suitable for industrial automation, where a typical use is connecting or supplying motors and servomotors through a series of connectors and wiring: in this case, the customer will simply have to determine the technical characteristics of the cables and connectors: our development and production team will take care of the rest.

Starting from the specifications provided by the customer, Techno also produces overmoulded connectors with customised dimensions or non-linear shapes, such as angular connectors, or with special cables.

The production of these solutions takes place following the approval by the customer of a sample made with an internal 3D printer service, which is delivered to the customers to verify that the product is fully compliant with their needs.




Green soul

The resins used for connectors with overmoulded cables are also sustainable, as they are made on a natural basis, completely recyclable, free from harmful fumes during moulding, compliant with RoHS and REACH directives.



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