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8-pole connectors for heavy-duty applications

In industrial and automation systems, where power and signal connections "coexist" for the management of motors, machines and control units, electrical connection solutions with polarity in accordance with system functionality are required.

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TH405 - Cable connectors

TH406 - Panel mounted connectors



Techno has responded to this need by launching the 8-pole version of the TH405 and TH406 families, the latest evolution of a range of plug-socket connectors which has already been widely used in lighting applications where there are demanding requirements in terms of mechanical and environmental conditions.


Electrical and mechanical characteristics

Available in cable and panel versions, the new 8-pole TH405 and TH406 borrow all the characteristics of the original family: degree of protection from water and dust IP68, bayonet locking system with safety lock between socket connector and plug connector can be opened only with a tool, mechanical resistance to impact IK08.

Their components are modular: the connector housing accepts internal modular connectors of variable polarity of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 poles, guaranteeing maximum interchangeability and versatility during installation.

Thanks to their characteristics, they allow electrical performance up to 25A and are suitable for applications up to 400V in alternating current. The 8-pole connector, on the other hand, allows performance up to 10A/400V.





Practical and compact

These connectors can be wired with cables up to 13.5 mm in external diameter and with conductors of maximum section of 1.0mm2. Screw connectivity makes them easily field installable.

Compared to other solutions on the market, such as the IEC 309 industrial sockets, for example, the TH405 and TH406 connectors are also distinguished by their limited dimensions: they can be placed inside machinery and control systems.

Completing them are the TH631 current distributors, supplied pre-wired and with plug-socket connectors, suitable for the distribution of electricity in power or signal systems (available on request). 




Materials and performance

The body of these connectors is made with PA6.6 technopolymers, with intrinsic characteristics of very high resistance to UV rays (index f1, according to the UL746C standard), to extreme temperatures and to corrosion from external agents.

Their compactness is made possible by the high self-extinguishing factor (V0 and 5VA index) of the aforementioned material: the greater its ability to stop combustion, the lower the thicknesses allowed, without compromising the technical application characteristics of the product.

3-pole and 5-pole connector are UL and CSA certified for application in the USA and Canada.




For difficult operating conditions

With the 8-pole TH405 and TH406 plug-socket connectors, Techno offers a solution for heavy-duty applications: lighting systems in difficult operating conditions, industrial areas and any use which takes place in adverse climatic conditions, characterised by high humidity and extreme temperatures.





To prevent or solve installation problems, Techno has provided a complete range of accessories.

  • Additional systems for fixing cables to the cable gland for greater tensile strength-
  • Blanking caps for the connectors left temporarily disconnected
  • Quick installation key for closing the cable glands and quickly fixing the cable




Techno contributed to the lighting of Rome

The TH405 connectors were selected by the multiservice company Acea of Rome to power LED street lighting, replacing the traditional lamps installed on the streets of the capital.



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TH405 - Cable connectors

TH406 - Panel mounted connectors

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