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TEEfamily®: IP68 highly reliable connecting solutions


The industrial and creative process. From its client experience Techno has developed
the innovative, complete and customized solution for electrical connections. The continuous analysis of the application conditions and operational modalities in the factory and site have enabled Techno to develop specific solutions which have become off-the-shelf products. This results in higher quality together with cheaper installation, maximum reliability and easy maintenance.

TEEfamily® consists of a series of IP66/IP68/IP69K connectors and junction boxes which includes:


TEETUBE® IN-LINE AND JUNCTION CIRCULAR CONNECTOR: The TEETUBE® family groups a wide range of in-line and junction connectors. Optimized dimensions with circular design.
The TEETUBE® provide IP68/IP69K high protection waterproof connections without the need of gel or resin and allow inspection inside.

TEEBOX® JUNCTION BOXES AND CURRENT DISTRIBUTORS: The TEEBOX® family groups a series of terminal blocks and junction boxes of small and medium dimensions in 3 and 4 ways versions particularly useful in small spaces and installation with high protection requirements.

TEEPLUG® PLUG&SOCKET CIRCULAR CONNECTORS: The TEEPLUG® family groups a series of plug-socket connecting solutions, panel-mounting and special versions, for indoor and outdoor applications and particularly useful in installations with high protection requirements.

TEEBLOCK® and TEEDRUM® COMPACT TERMINAL BLOCKS: The TEEBLOCK® and TEEDRUM® families group a wide range of compact terminal blocks which can be used as stand-alone or installed in TEEBOX® or TEETUBE® protected housing to guarantee a protected connection up to IP68.

TEEGLAND® INNOVATIVE IP68 CABLE GLAND: The TEEGLAND® family groups a series of cable glands patented by Techno made with the innovative co-moulding of the rubber over the plastic. They are available in metric and PG versions.

TEEBOND® QUICK LOCKING CABLE CLAMPS: The TEEBOND® family groups innovative quick locking cable clamps made with high quality UL94 V0/V2 polymer (yellow card) with high mechanical and thermal resistance.

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The connection systems designed and manufactured by Techno for the most extreme conditions, represent the definitive, cheapest, customized and complete solution for those who design and make distribution plants, public and private lighting and also for those who produce and install operating machinery, household electrical appliances, vehicles and boats, as well as special plants which need a guarantee of maximum reliability.

- Costs + Reliability. The strategic impact of connections.


Also electrical connections become a source of profit. Easy to install and maintain, safe and reliable over time. 

All that you can expect from Techno


Customization. We design our products upon our customers request, putting our deep
knowledge of development and production technologies as well as of electrical and mechanical regulations at their disposal, and meeting the expectations of the requested solutions in terms of quality, reliability and cheapness.

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