The research and development

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The research and development

A single target: to increase knowledge of the electrical connections market to develop high-performance and high-reliability solutions, which guarantee higher cost-effectiveness in use.

When designing a product we take into account the aesthetic. For us design matters

A team of specialists for product and process

We make available the Know-how in the injection moulding field, the knowledge and continuous research of new raw materials and the competence in the electrical connection area to bring out innovative and functional products. We offer different solutions for:

  • product: reducing the number of components and operation phases and increasing the reliability. We transfer value to the user and reduce the cost of installing the products.
  • process: advanced technology of injection moulding and detailed research of raw materials.

How to increase the reliability of our IP68 solutions? Mold the entire connector in only one solution

Co-molding of gaskets. The study and the choice of materials, together with the use of new generation machines and technologies, allowed us to put in action a definitely revolutionary idea to eliminate the resin sealing of boxes and connectors.

100% quality starting from the search for raw materials


In order to provide electrical connection solutions in compliance with the international regulations, we have invested in the search for materials and productive technologies which have given our designers the opportunity to improve the quality levels continuously.

The experiments carried out in our laboratories and the testing procedures in adverse environments have led us to activate specific testing protocols. Testing our products under stress is a peculiarity which has allowed us to obtain extremely high performance as for our standard connectors as well, which have been tested in the field to resist to humidity, water, dust and aggressive chemicals.

UL94 V2/V0 Yellow Card materials: their exceptional mechanical and temperature resistance increases the advantages of use further in all sectors.

Innovation in the raw material management


Innovative automated plant for the dehumidification and heating of materials. The preparation of the materials is strategic. The automation of the process ensures productive efficiency and allows the management of various materials, as well as the automated distribution of the materials to the presses. The full-electronic management allows an energy-saving of 30%.

The design of the tools is part of our know-how. We create molds rigorously within our departments.


The construction of the tools is verticalized. A high-level mold makes up 50% of the quality of the product. The mold construction phases are monitored internally to guarantee quality. The construction of molds for micro-objects molding with extremely low tolerance margins is the know-how which gives us competitive advantage.

Highly innovative processes and technologies


Rotational molds for the co-injection of two or more materials. Complex molding that needs high qualityproduction. The productive process is more efficient. Thanks to a product design which reduces the number of components and production phases, we can obtain more functional products. We provide end users with added value, reducing the cost of the product.


We aim only for the highest quality products


A team of experts performs a testing protocol on the products every day in accordance with the international standards (e.g. dimensional survey, analysis on materials, mechanical tests on molded items).

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