The customization

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The customization

We design our products upon our customers request, putting our deep knowledge of development and production technologies as well as of electrical and mechanical regulations at their disposal, and meeting the expectations of the requested solutions in terms of quality, reliability and cheapness.

The competencies are not only sufficient. we aim to be the fastest


We know that today, speed is a key factor for the competitiveness of our customers. On the basis of your request, we propose a solution in prototype form in as little as a month. We kept inside the entire process of development and manufacture of a new product ensuring that deadlines, quality and flexibility in the development stages.

We are committed every day to ensure: SPEED, FLEXIBILITY and RELIABILITY.

Some examples of custom projects. IP67/IP68 Junction boxes for the electronic control of the light


In cooperation with Targetti we have designed and produced a junction box to contain the control circuit of a LED device. IP68, equipped with TH387 connectors (4-way plug&socket) has been supplied wired and designed to prevent water infiltration and potential condensation in the wire (xDRY® technology). Every single box produced is IP67/IP68 certified and is subjected to a 100% control through a special machine for blowing air inside the box. So we can ensure the reliability of the product against water and moisture

IP67 Ultra-slim plug and socket connector


This is the only IP67 4mm thick connector on the international market. It was expressly designed and produced for floor heating applications.

IP68 Connecting solutions for special environments. Resistance to hydrocarbons and EMC materials (Certified for intrinsic safety).


With such a wide range of standard products designed with dimensions and functional characteristics upon customers’ specifications, offering ad hoc customized solutions was the next step for a company which was born to be a partner. Thanks to the change of material it was possible to meet the compatibility specifications required by installations in special environments.

Based on the demands of our customers, we search for the best material to ensure the required resistance level. Usually we use raw materials with the following characteristics:

  • Resistant to hydrocarbons
  • EMC material for shielding
  • High resistance to chemical agents
  • Excellent characteristics as for abrasion and sliding
  • Low water absorption and good dimensional stability
  • Excellent resistance to impact at low temperatures

"Private Label" with personalized rapid laser marking


For over 30 years we design and manufacture electrical connectors for international customers, with short time-to-market.

Our history was made of a substantial progress in partnership with international groups. F1 Ferrari ignition engine system.


In cooperation with DuPont. Use of PET material with mineral charges to ensure imensional stability and concentricity tolerance between the two components of the ignition system.

Washing machine filter


Use of molds with Vascomax special steels to ensure maximum productive efficiency and minimize the wear and tear of the mold over time. This resulted in a top quality production, that is none of the holes of the filter got blocked during manufacturing.

Industrial Multipole Connector


In order to prevent overheating of the mold, VORTEC cooling systems were applied on the injection molding press.

Mobile component for Olivetti printers


In cooperation with LATI. Search for a self-lubricating plastic material to reduce the wear and tear of the mobile parts of Olivetti printers.

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